The Self Agency

Before the idea of the corporation arrived, there were people.

While organisations attempt to apply complex structures and practices to cope with the fast-changing operating environment, scale itself becomes their biggest threat. It's an eternal story: major industry disrupted by two people in a garage.

What do we learn from this story, and what do we do with that information? All too often we create education, incubators and accelerators destined to turn naturally creative, imaginative human beings into the kinds of people that work in large organisations, waiting to get disrupted.

Today, with business opportunities becoming more dispersed and job descriptions changing almost daily, individual self-determination is undergoing a resurgence, while technology gives individuals totally new powers. More and more people are becoming digital nomads in how they live and work, yet we know the idea of individual self-direction can be easily compromised by the system.

Finding better ways to support people in developing their own self agency, by harnessing technical understanding and individual creativity is something we're setting out to explore.

The Self Agency is far from a traditional type of agency. We want to enable a digital renaissance for the self, helping people develop useful directions for their future, a stack of creative and technical skills and a sense of digital initiative, whether that's as digitally-enabled employees or entrepreneurs.

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