The Self Agency

The Self Agency is a project from Anne McCrossan and Simon Gough.

Anne McCrossan has been a specialist in identity and digital design for over two decades. She was a founder member of Seth Godin's Tribes project in 2008, is a two times TEDx speaker and an original contributing author to the book Business Model Generation. She created Visceral Business in 2008, a digital strategy consultancy which helps develop digital business models for organisations with an emphasis on P2P development. Anne has worked with many of the world's leading brands, including Apple, which she helped launch in the UK.

When not working on digital projects, Anne is a ceramicist and textile designer and she writes The Emergent Code Chronicles, looking at what's next for us as digital humans. She mentors and coaches senior executives on digital leadership.

Simon Gough's work spans a number of design fields and since 2000 he's been Director of Redfront, a service design agency. For the past few years he's been exploring new design applications and tools, while also working with clients such as Government Digital Service, Met Office, University of Exeter, UKTI and Roundhouse. He now tutors the MDes Service Design course at Ravensbourne in London and is writing a book on human-centred data, based on a two year-research project. As a co-founder of Open Data Institute Node, ODI Devon, Simon recently launched Beyond, a collaborative network for human-centred smart programmes, which is gearing up for its second conference next June.

Simon is a passionate unschooler, exploring new ways of learning with his own children and increasingly applying its principles to his work. He is an Open Data Institute Registered Trainer and currently lives in Barcelona.

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